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Area of Services: Creative & Art Direction, Interaction, Graphic Design, Branding...
We keep learning without boundary, open up entirely new possibilities.
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※ LUV 70%, One-Way To Love...

LUV 70%, One-Way To Love, Are Your Sure...are several wonderful musical/dance performances by Hook Dance Theatre, an extraordinary contemporary dance group based in Hong Kong. Marimahi worked closely with Hook Dance Theatre to create an sensational and informative design work, enriching audience's emotion while transmitting info.


※ Enjoybag


※ Floating City

Previsou version of Marimahi website. A total look was created while measuring the balance between art, design and the factor of potential clients. We created and developed all elements from concept to web development, a combination of emotional navigation, image making, motion graphic


※ D.M.H. Paint & Photo Collection

A fascinating personal website of talented artist/designer, D.M.H., that's a collection of his painting and photograph works from 1993-2005. We created and developed all elements included creative & art direction, web design & development, motion graphic and image making.


※ MM Journey

MM Journey multimedia project was a website merged with traditional art elements and new digital technology, presented a fantasy journey sparking the emotional involvement to stimulate the five senses. The project was selected and exhibited in Toronto SpeakEasy Multimedia Show 2005. We created and developed all elements included creative & art direction, web design & development, flash animation, visual & audio elements so on.


※ Two Truths

A double CD of Ngawang Jorden in North American market. Marimahi created the CD package design and illustration with the spirit of Ngawang Jorden.


※ PUI'S Beaded Jewellery

A luxury antique beaded jewellery brand, PUI'S, a strong sense of modern design combined with unique antique beaded jewellery, every hand-made piece is one of a kind. Marimahi explored the brand's relationship to its customers and markets, created the website and a set of identity/branding design to enhance the brand recognition and sustainable.


※ A-mackintosh

A-mackintosh is a stylist/costume designer who has contributed as a creative force for Triumph and Cirque du Soleil else on. Marimahi worked closely and went through the project together with him to create a website from concept to finished.


※ Whalewhere Onlineshop

An art & fashion onlineshop. From draft to business running, we created & developed the whole thing, brand image, documentation, front & back-end, online & offline elements plus social media...a successful e-commerce project.


※ Daniel Mahi Ho

Daniel Mahi Ho is an artist/photographer. We created his website in a clean and sleek style which suitable to showcase the art works that achieved the best result.

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※ VHBuild

VHBUILD.com is an online workspace mainly used by users from building construction industry. Marimahi worked closely and intensely with VHSoft's web team, building a reliably collaborative effort enabled the simultaneous consideration of any challenge factors. The launch of VHBUILD.com was in huge success. We identified the long-term development needs; organized the visual design, and handled with the greater strength of corporate identity, creative & art direction, web design, digital marketing materials, and graphic design.

※ X Life

Logo & identity design for an extreme sport magazine.